You'll be learning about technology and usability. Moving clients forward in a competitive marketplace is our job...

We accept applications from a wide range of technology professionals, but creative thinking and willingness to learn are the most valued assets.

The job will include lots of things outside of the world of design / programming, including dealing with clients, managing some office duties, constantly looking for new ideas, better methodology, and who knows what else. You will probably never be bored, and you’ll never be overworked, but there will be challenges everyday. Positions require lots of energy, if you’re not fully trained already, a serious time commitment especially in the first three months.

What to expect at Brixx Media

  • As part of the web development team, you get to work on projects which shape a company’s public presence.
  • Extremely smart, energetic team
  • It’s a great atmosphere where you can balance your life outside of work with your ambitious career goals.

Successful qualities we expect

  • The successful developers at Brixx Media are resourceful problem solvers, are always learning
  •   Client interests come first.
  • The desire to work in a team environment is crucial.
  • Sharing new ideas in the group in a collaborative way.

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