Web Spokesperson can increase traffic conversion rates on your website. Imagine having your business salesperson or someone that welcomes, Informs and Sells your services and products 24/7 right from the web site.

Utilizing the most recent in flash video technology and the increasing speeds of the internet, we offer the ability to add a LIVE speaker to your site which reinforces sales message as well as assists you in standing out from the crowd.

Brixx media latest Web Spokesperson services include Virtual Spokesperson, Video Headers, Video Presentations, ads Video Banners, video spokesperson, online greeter, innovate ads, online video advertising, video salesperson, borderless video, streaming web video.

  • Online Demonstrations
  • Dynamic Lead Capture
  • Interactive Video Marketing
  • Drive Direct Response
  • Updates and Announcements
  • Special Offers and Promotions
  • Enhance Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • Video Introductions

Actors for your web Marketing

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