Marketing video production has never been as valuable as it is today. Not least, as it showcases your company but also because it can be delivered to your clients and prospects in so many different ways. Whether it is on a DVD, on a USB stick, on your website for download, emailed or even sent by Bluetooth or MMS to your client.
Brixx Media help you convince and impress at every customer touch point. We use video to help businesses of all sizes sell products and services, win more customers, train their employees, recruit staff and celebrate their achievements.

Interactive Video Presentations

You’ve got to make your audience sit up and listen… no more dozing through yet another slideshow. More than that, you want your presentation to work in different situations – so you need different versions.

Interactive Multimedia may be used for:

  • Structured sales messages designed for low-cost mailshot, helping sales reps introduce your company or to close deals.
  • Digital brochures that speak and create exciting experiences that people will genuinely enjoy receiving
  • Interactive business and top corporate presentations designed to inform and impress
  • When PowerPoint or your intranet can’t do what you want, then look at interactive multimedia cd-rom because it probably can
  • When superior quality presentation matters above everything else, put your own original design, content and ideas onto an interactive cd-rom or USB stick.

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