Email marketing isn’t something new, but integrating video into your campaign will massively increase both your level of engagement and your click thru rate. Video Email Marketing is an inexpensive way to attract the attention of your audience by putting HD quality video directly in your newsletters and email campaigns! The results are nothing less than remarkable.

Successful Video Email Marketing campaigns usually include custom video messages, video case studies, testimonials, videos, e-mail signatures video, viral videos, and product demonstrations. If you already run email marketing, then you must definitely consider adding video.

Video Email Marketing may showcase your product or service, influence prospects and provide recipients with an all over a glimpse at what you are offering. Done correctly, Online video media advertising allow potential customers call at your operations, connect with your staff, create a sense of confidence and value in your service team before they even show up to conduct business.

Imagine being able to send:

  • New Product Releases.
  • Event Invitations.
  • Product Demonstrations.
  • Sales Follow-up.
  • Customer Thank You.
  • Service Updates.
  • Sales and Promotional offer.

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